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#Thu May 10 11:15:42 CDT 2007 -- fubar

It rocks!

#Tue May 15 06:07:18 CDT 2007 -- Jason from Atlanta

If you made the updates available in RSS I would use it.
Thanks, Jason, that's a good idea. Watch this space. (Note to self: blog for updates to site.)
Sat Jun 2 12:13:41 CDT 2007: Blog is up; that took longer than expected..

#Sat May 26 03:20:19 CDT 2007 -- nandu

FAQ link does not work
Sat May 26 13:02:26 CDT 2007: Ah, transient outage. Thanks, and sorry about that. Let me know if you still have problems.

#Thu Jul 5 12:29:51 CDT 2007 -- akincisor

Why does clicking the ignore link open a new tab?
Thu Jul 5 18:19:15 CDT 2007: To avoid interrupting the loading of the inbox. I should use xmlhttprequest for that at some point..

#Mon Jul 16 06:54:45 CDT 2007 -- lkozma@gmail.com

I find the idea behind hystry very good, and the inbox view would be very useful for me, not only for reddit, but for every time I comment or ask something on any forum, and want to receive further changes on the page. However, it shouldn't track every single page I visited, just those that I explicitly save, the plugin could have a hot-key for that.
Tue Jul 17 15:35:09 2007 -0500: It's a good suggestion to have the hot-key as well. I'll let you know when I roll it out.
Feel free to let me know if you have more suggestions.

#Thu Nov 8 16:29:39 PST 2007 -- Anil

How is this different from Live Bookmarks?

Thu Nov 8 17:25:41 PST 2007: The goal is the same as for live bookmarks -- to notify people of updates to a webpage. However the reach is greater -- it works even with websites that don't support live bookmarks.
Hmm, that's actually a great way to explain what this is -- I'm bringing live bookmarks or RSS to the web at large. Comments on blog posts, slashdot, reddit, digg, etc. Thanks :)

#Thu Dec 6 03:56:16 PST 2007 -- srinivasan.ak@gmail.com

Kartik! is this current?

Thu Dec 6 09:19:50 PST 2007: :) Yup, I'm still working on it. Check out the blog for more recent prototypes. I've retired the early ones.