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Quotes symbol One of my favorite features is that I can get an RSS feed of basically anything of interest within comments. I can track all comments made by a particular user across any Intense Debate enabled blog, or I can have a single feed that shows me any comments any users that I mark as friends. I can also just track comments in any sub-thread within the comments. It's very easy - I can access these features and more for each user via a menu right inside the comments.

David Cohen, CEO Techstars .

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Quotes symbol This is an amazing comment system. Just frighteningly good.

Brad Feld , Mobius Venture Capital .

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Political Grind / Barack Obombya
Just to add my view: I've always wondered why there has been a huge debate on this. We can impede on Pakistan's sovereignty if we really need to. What are they going to do, nuke us? The catch is that we shouldn't if we don't have to. But if we know where OBL or Zarqawi is, there's only one reason we shouldn't bomb them: conspiracy theorists would go on a rampage without proof of death.
  • 20 minutes ago
Political Grind / Of Dollars and Dragons
China owns a lot of the USA, This should be a concern. You can compare it to a share holder selling out at one time... it would hurt bad, really bad.
  • 29 minutes ago
I'm still amazed that people are trying to defend the Iraq war like we were right. It's doublethink in the true Orwelling sense of the word. War is Peace Freedom is Slavery Ignorance is Strength You encapsulated all 3 in this article.
  • 2 hours ago
Sir, this article misses the main point that Ron Paul is a strict constitutionalist, the most strict in fact, in Congress. He is rivaled in the federal government only by Clarence Thomas. He opposes gay marriage, but realizes that prohibiting it was never a power granted to Congress under Article I, and as such, it is a power which remains with the States. There is little room for federalism among libertarians? This is patently false. In my law school class, I was far and above the most vocal in my defense of federalism and federalist principles...far more open than any of my conservative colleagues in the federalist society. Speaking of which, how is it that the Federalist Society is composed of Libertarians and Conservatives dedicated to the restoration of the U.S. Constitution? Either it is a paradox, or, perhaps the analysis posed in this posted article is false. Who is it who cries that the Constitution does not authorize a particular bill? It is not the conservatives wallowing in their trough of government monies, it is the remnant. Those who truly believe in limited government. Libertarians do not believe that the federal government should be impotent, but rather, that it should act with complete authority within that sphere in which it has been delegated authority by the letter of the U.S. Constitution. How is this not blameless? I stand not with any foreign land, but with the republic of my fathers, the United States of America. Those who would call themselves defenders of our liberties should remember that the only thing which stands between the citizen and the tyranny of federal despots is the enforcement of the U.S. Constitution.
  • 3 hours ago
Wow! I am excited to find your blog!
  • 4 hours ago