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2 points 18 hours ago by akkartik

true, ..

Wait. Stop right there. So 'cultist' is not ok, but inanity is? Even if it's 'insanely annoying'?

You admit your comments lower the tone of any discussion. So why do you make them?

DIY Bayesian filtering of RSS feeds on linux with rss2mail and a standard mail client
3 points 19 hours ago by akkartik

Tell me more (or point me to a link)

sort vs sort_by in ruby (
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To companies: Please don't comply with the GPL (
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$2m blank canvas destoyed with a kiss - what is Art when it comes to this?
9 points 8 days ago by akkartik

How would one detect a forgery?

Weblocks - Three Weeks Later - A Common Lisp web framework
1 point 8 days ago by akkartik

I like how every app is AJAX-enabled by default. No other framework else does that, do they?

Also, it makes it easy to avoid MVC. It'll be interesting to see if there are increases in reuse to offset the explicit plumbing for rendering each page/widget. I suspect so.

Linus Torvalds about Linux on Desktops
4 points 13 days ago by akkartik

I've read some but by no means all of them. Could (Has?) somebody put the scheduler conversation on a timeline?

The Problem with the Cat Type System
2 points 15 days ago by akkartik

Why would you regret having to link to wikipedia?

Is a blog a monolog- or a dialog? - Reply to Joel Spolsky
1 point 16 days ago by akkartik

Update: Perhaps we should avoid comments after all. A metacircular counter-argument .

Learning from Dave Winer
1 point 16 days ago by akkartik


Turns out their automatic spam filter is rather simple-minded. Just a link without text gets thrown into spam.

I suppose it must work most of the time. Pity, because well-selected links are really valuable to a discussion. And heuristics like this actually discourage users from including links in their comments. I've encountered a wordpress blog in the past that categorized my post as spam because it contained more than 3 links.

A good spam filter should take the recipient/IP address into account. If it's someone with a reasonable track record you assume they're not posting spam until the blog owner says so.

In a weird meta-circular way this whole experience feeds back into the topic of comments in blogs. I'm gradually growing more reluctant to post on other people's spaces because of all the problems with misconfigured captchas, errors in comment cgis, over-zealous spam filters, etc. Perhaps one should just be self-sufficient and talk in one's own domain.

So I end up agreeing with Joel but for very different reasons. It's not a fundamental issue, but more just the exigencies of the moment.

Data analysis as performance art (
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The Soul of the Indian - a book about the religious beliefs of native americans before encountering the white man (
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Learning from Dave Winer
2 points 20 days ago by akkartik

Summary of design concerns on the comment on blog issue.

I posted this on the jos forums to get their reaction, but it was automagically deleted by the moderators. Wtf!? It's relevant to his blog, pretty articulate, I think. Was it the fact that I just linked to something I wrote elsewhere?

This isn't the first time I've found these guys overprotective of what they permit their audience to see. And it's bloody rude.

Is a blog a monolog- or a dialog? - Reply to Joel Spolsky
7 points 20 days ago by akkartik

Nobody seems to be thinking comprehensively about this.

a) From the poster 's perspective: Technorati has been around awhile. The poster can scan comments on other people's blogs as easily as on his page.

b) From the commenter 's perspective: Commenting on a blog feels different than posting on one's own.

c) From the reader's perspective: Technorati isn't that useful. Reading a list of comments on a blog is much easier than searching technorati. Nobody bothers.

d) From the maintainer's perspective: It is natural to feel possessive about your blog, and to try to keep it clean, and to feel anxiety about not being able to stay on top of maintenance. Doing this is a burden.

e) From the commenter/maintainer's perspective: it's too much work to start your own blog just to respond to others. Especially if you care about the persona you build, creating a blog gets into designing it, wondering where to host it, etc., etc.

d and e are arguably current limitations of technology. The rest are not. Where you write will hugely influence who you might end up having a conversation with.

So if you want to build a community, or to be in the business of letting your readers talk to each other about what you write, enable comments. If not, or if you suffer from OCD, move along. There's lots of others building communities where they can chat about you.

A Subversion User Looks at Git
1 point 20 days ago by akkartik

"How often have you done some work on a feature and cleaned up some headers as you went by? When you’re done, you have to look at each file you’ve changed and perhaps do a number of commits to specific files. In git, you can just decide not to “git add” those clean-ups to the index until after you’ve committed the meat of your work."

darcs has interactive records , so that you can pick the individual hunks that go into a commit.

Each of these approaches are a different point on the spectrum of tradeoffs between how likely a patch is to be clean, and how easy it is to commit. Wish we could do better. Hmm..

A Subversion User Looks at Git
4 points 20 days ago by akkartik

Exactly. It's not that everybody thinks git is the bees' knees this week, but that we're collectively helping each other come up to speed on it and its implications and its possibilities.

Ask reddit: What do you use for project management in a small team?
2 points 20 days ago by akkartik

All of the above.

Ask reddit: What do you use for project management in a small team?
1 point 20 days ago by akkartik

Obligatory thread for basecamp . What do people think about it?

Monticello: version control for smalltalk (
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Rails' ridiculous restrictions, a constructive rant (
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grepmail (
0 points posted 26 days ago by akkartik comment » The Most Enthusiastic Mathematician … Ever!!!
3 points 28 days ago by akkartik

Ooh, how'd you do that in markdown?

Liver: A [kinda] language-independent visualizer (
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The english editor
1 point 1 month ago by akkartik

I dug around on account of your recent cool comment :)

The Death of Childhood? (
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